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Seasonal leases

Seasonal leases refer to rents rented for holidays. They can be concluded directly from one person to another or through a professional (a real estate agency such as). Unlike conventional residential rental, which may be subject to the regulations of 6 July 1989, seasonal rental is governed only by the Civil Code (articles 1713 et seq.). The duration, price and terms of the contract are therefore determined by both parties. More informations : https://pastor-immobilier.com/en/ . But a number of rules must be respected. The operator must send the tenant a description of the house, its environment and furniture, as well as the financial conditions of the rental. It is normal to ask for an improvement at the time of booking. However, it may not exceed one quarter of the price when the house is rented through a real estate agent and must not be required more than six months in advance. The balance of the price may not be claimed more than one month before the date of entry into the premises. There are no rules governing direct bookings. It is up to everyone to behave with common sense.

To have a property in a tourist place

Owners who own real estate in a tourist region can benefit from several advantages of seasonal leases. Advantageous tax system, higher elevation, possibility to get the most out of your home..... A real Eldorado for owners guarantees a return on their real estate resources. In fact, in many tourist regions, a week of seasonal rental can restore the equivalent of a month's worth of classic rental. If you are seduced by this type of leasing, you should know that it also offers great flexibility in terms of management: no rent control, no minimum contract duration... Discover : appartments for sale in Monaco. However, it is wise not to inflate prices so abnormally: rent that is too expensive may frighten holidaymakers in the competition. Find out about the costs and services available in the area of the apartment to rent and find a balance.

Rental investment: the advantages

Making your rental investment from the sea has many advantages: collection of rental income through seasonal leasing, tax exemption possibilities, particularly from the status of a furnished rental company... and the possibility of occasionally taking advantage of it as a second home! House or apartment, you want to invest in a house by the sea to rent it directly, depending on the year? This is known as leasing; a choice that offers specific freedom has been made during the summer season. Don't forget to confirm the number of campuses involving the ocean and your rental accommodation. Choose a house close to downtown and shops to allow your tenants to walk to it. Learn all year round, as well as the rates, the potential of the chosen region. A real estate professional will be able to advise you on this step. Choose attractive areas offering various tourist activities: visits to monuments or sites, hiking, sports... For a much better rental, your accommodation should ideally be found in a locality (TGV, motorway, airport...). These infrastructures will make your leasing more attractive.


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